Social Justice

May 20, 2013

Mind over money

Nazia Moqueet is a Research Associate at BRAC Development Institute and is currently based out of BRAC USA. In March 2013, she was in Yemen to conduct a process evaluation of the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Pilot. She conducted several participant and staff interviews and focus group discussions over a period of two weeks. In this post, originally published at the CGAP-Ford Graduation Pilot program blog, She recalls an encounter with a pilot participant in Taiz.
February 18, 2013

Low cost, high expectations

In session at a BRAC Primary School in the Korail slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Photo: Oscar Abello/BRAC) The conditions into which a child is born affects not only her future opportunity, but also her position in society. Poverty itself can limit society's expectations of the child’s ability to perform well in school, constantly reminding her of the miniscule chance she has to overcome adversity and poverty.
July 20, 2011

Popular Theater for Social Change

Utilizing a grassroots approach to development is something that BRAC does incredibly well. Given the breadth of BRAC’s reach, undertaking grassroots best practices has proven to be a cost effective way of spreading the messages BRAC desires to send its constituents worldwide. During our field trip to Rangpur, Bangladesh we were able to witness an excellent example of grassroots engagement: Popular Theater.