Khondoker Golam Tawhid

Hi, I am Khondoker Golam Tawhid, working as the Head of BRAC's Disaster Risk Management Programme since 2019. I lead the programme, and oversee the programmatic activities. My key expertise includes, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction, community risk assessment, climate change adaptation, contingency planning, emergency response, risk-sensitive land use planning, research and training, environmental impact assessment, etc. Before joining BRAC, I used to work with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in Thailand. Working almost 22 years across several Asian countries has enriched my knowledge and capacity in disaster management. At BRAC, I am dedicated to advancing our collective pursuit of disaster resilience and sustainable development.

August 19, 2021

A super cyclone, flooding and a pandemic: The year Bangladesh had three humanitarian crises at the same time

Germany and China experienced severe flooding this year, while Turkey, Australia and the US faced wildfires of catastrophic proportions. These events signify what looks to be our collective future. Alongside mitigation, we need to be looking for new ways of responding to a changing climate. Bangladesh, a country often referred to as the ground zero of climate change, has worked with communities to tackle disasters for half a century. What has it learnt? Build resilience at the community level.