BRAC Afghanistan: Changing the most dangerous place on earth for women

June 15, 2011 by

Today, TrustLaw, which runs AlertNet, published a “Danger Poll” identifying the world’s five most dangerous countries for women, with Afghanistan topping the list.  These figures serve only to further motivate our dedicated BRAC Afghanistan staff, who strive every day to change these conditions.Among the multifaceted BRAC Afghanistan programs in microfinance, health, enterprise development, community development, and education, are 2,297 BRAC schools where 84% of the enrolled students are girls. BRAC is realizing the potential of gender equality in education by increasing the enrollment of young girls through completion of their primary education, and by training local women to teach in these schools.

Success isn’t just in the numbers, it’s in the girls themselves.  When BRAC USA President & CEO Susan Davis visited a BRAC school in Afghanistan, she met Sonia, an ambitious girl who unapologetically wants “to become a dancer … in New York.”
BRAC is also addressing the high rates of maternal mortality by creating a cadre of Community Health Promoters trained in providing antenatal and post-natal care. BRAC-trained mid-wives have now assisted in thousands of safe childbirths.