Insights from the global south for the world’s biggest challenges

Our world is facing big challenges. To solve them, we need the insights and experience of the whole world. Most global media outlets are in the north. The Good Feed brings lived experience, solutions and innovations from the south.

The Good Feed is a hub which presents knowledge through solution-focused blog posts. Each post reflects insights gained from direct implementation by BRAC and its partners on the ground in the global south.

BRAC is one of the largest nongovernmental organisations in the world, and the only one of such size based in the global south. BRAC was founded in Bangladesh in 1972, and works with over 100 million people living with poverty and inequality across Asia and Africa to create sustainable opportunities to realise potential. BRAC partners with an extensive array of government and non-government organisations across the global south, through a unique integrated development model comprising social development, social enterprises, humanitarian response and research institutes.

Who can write for the Good Feed?

We accept submissions from people working on the big issues that BRAC addresses. Authors should preferably have lived experience working in the global south or a direct connection to the work being discussed.