south sudan

March 19, 2015

Mapping innovation across BRAC International

What comes to your mind when you think about innovation? Most of us relate innovation to places like Silicon Valley. However, there are incredible social innovations happening in the global South; starting from Sudanese villages to Afghan classrooms and in many other not-so-known places, where you least expect anything related to innovation.
May 7, 2013

No mother stands alone

BRAC USA launched a campaign called No Mother Stands Alone to rally support for adapting BRAC's proven maternal health program in Bangladesh to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
March 7, 2013

Girls take on a leading role in South Sudan

Ajah is nineteen, and attends Bor Secondary School in South Sudan’s remote Jonglei state. In a country with a literacy rate of just sixteen percent for women fifteen years of age and above, Ajah is an exception to the rule. And she is leading the charge to change the rules.
May 16, 2012

Gordon Brown: “When I ask the mothers what they want most for their families, they say with one voice: education for their children.”

This is the picture I will remember from our visit to the newest state on earth. South Sudan is one of the world’s poorest – and in danger of being forgotten. Of the 1,000 people living in the tents, huts and shacks that make up the village of Hai-Kugi, over 350 are children. But only 30 have schooling thanks to the one class room school hut constructed by the Bangladeshi charity BRAC.
May 8, 2012

More children are in school – but are they learning?

The following was originally posted by BRAC USA President and CEO Susan Davis on the World Education blog.With the Education for All goals and the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education by 2015 on our minds, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about measurements of educational quality, rather than a simple push for increased student enrollment in developing countries.
July 19, 2011

Letter from South Sudan

The world has just witnessed the birth of South Sudan. During this historic time, we thought we would share this letter from our colleagues Nicola Banks and Munshi Sulaiman working at BRAC, the world’s largest development organization which has been working in South Sudan for the past three years.
July 12, 2011

Susan Davis writes on South Sudan’s independence in Huffpost World

In January, 2011, a referendum was held under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, during which an overwhelming 99% of voters voiced preference for separation from the rest of Sudan.
May 19, 2011

Kiva Passport Series: South Sudan: Part 2: Microfinance

The following article was originally posted by Alyssa McGarry on the Kiva blog. Each month, the Kiva Blog profiles a country we work in through a three-part profile called the Passport Series. This month, we are taking a look into South Sudan! This is the second part of this month's series, which focuses on microfinance in South Sudan. The first part was a country profile and later this month, we will focus on microfinance as a development effort to help post-conflict countries like South Sudan.
February 8, 2011

BRAC Uganda launches Knowledge Forum

With an objective of sharing knowledge on the various research initiatives of BRAC Uganda, a Knowledge Forum was launched by the Research and Evaluation Team on the 29th of January 2011. In the first meeting of the Forum, Munshi Sulaiman, Coordinator, Research presented an evaluation of a food for training programme in South Sudan.
January 12, 2011

Realizing the Potential of South Sudan: Taking Healthcare to the People

BRAC's Essential Health Care is a project that trains Community Health Volunteers (CHV) to serve the health needs of her community, with particular attention to poor women and children. CHVs also serve as self employed micro entrepreneurs who go door to door to sell essential healthcare products such as soap, water guard, ORS and condoms. They visit around 15 houses a day to educate those people on health issues and check on their health status.
January 11, 2011

Realizing the Potential of South Sudan: I want to be a doctor

BRAC provides second chance primary education for children between the ages of 8 to 12, who have either dropped out or never been to school. About 4200 children attend one of BRAC's 140 schools across four state
January 10, 2011

Realizing the Potential of South Sudan: Joyce Invests in Entrepreneurship

Joyce has been a tailor for a long time. She makes clothes for her five children and then some. A new order has come in to make uniforms for the local kindergarten school nearby.“I taught my husband how to use the sewing machine, so he can help me when I have lots of work”, she says, as she beams at her black and gold sewing machine.There was a time though when life was much harder. Living in a household of 13 people means that everything must stretch, and in the war torn region of Southern Sudan even essentials are scarce.