Paulo Freire

February 18, 2013

Low cost, high expectations

In session at a BRAC Primary School in the Korail slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Photo: Oscar Abello/BRAC) The conditions into which a child is born affects not only her future opportunity, but also her position in society. Poverty itself can limit society's expectations of the child’s ability to perform well in school, constantly reminding her of the miniscule chance she has to overcome adversity and poverty.
February 6, 2013

‘The Dialectic of Freedom’

The auditorium was full, the anticipation palpable, and the speaker keenly waiting to talk about his mentor in front of an enthusiast audience - that’s how the mid-morning of the Hartal day looked like for us at BRAC yesterday. Dr. Laurence Simon1 presented a seminar on ‘Paulo Freire and the Subaltern Consciousness’ at the BRAC Centre on the 5th of February.