millenium development goal

September 12, 2015

What’s the point of building schools when one in seven children remain undernourished?

Yet like any ambitious set of targets, not all the MDGs were fully met by many countries. Rather the goals worked as a framework upon which they could build their development policies and translate the policies into action. Let’s focus on one tiny target of a goal, yet one whose impact on the coming generations is most persisting: undernutrition. Undernutrition, a form of malnutrition, is a deficiency of calories of one or more essential nutrients. Two of the most used indicators to measure undernutrition are underweight and stunting.   
July 16, 2015

Here’s why BRAC’s partners trust them to deliver sustainable results

Over the last forty years BRAC have been dramatically changing people’s lives in Bangladesh and more recently across the world. It is through working hand-in-hand with our partners that has made it possible to ‘reach scale’ and create opportunities for more and more people to move out of poverty.
March 7, 2014

Building a better Bangladesh

Since 1971, Bangladesh has made significant progress in achieving better development outcomes. The country’s achievements in reaching MDG goals in health and education are unparalleled when comparing to nations facing similar challenges. But despite critical gains in creating access to primary and secondary education, the need exists for a center of excellence in higher education—an institution where citizens of both developed and developing nations will have the opportunity to combine knowledge with practical experience.
June 14, 2013

From basket case to bushels

At a ceremony this Sunday, the Food and Agriculture Organization will recognize countries that have achieved Millennium Development Goal number one, to halve their proportion of hungry people. Bangladesh, once labeled a basket case, will be one of them.