Limb and Brace Center

January 12, 2014

Haiti’s on its feet again, literally

Today marked the four-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Our friends at AmeriCares write about Herve, a patient at the BRAC Limb and Brace Center, who like so many others lost his legs in the quake: After having both legs amputated when they were crushed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 19-year-old Herve struggled. He was given prosthetics that did not work well and couldn't go to school or join his friends.
March 11, 2011

BRAC USA President & CEO reviews her recent trip to Haiti

I must commend BRAC Haiti for its steady progress and accomplishments. This is certainly one of - or perhaps our most - challenging operating environments and I think the BRAC team in Haiti is finding creative ways to overcome those challenges.
September 17, 2010

BRAC opens its limb and brace center in Haiti

This week, BRAC was finally able to open its limb and brace center and began serving patients in Haiti.
September 2, 2010

A gift from my trip to Haiti

This is an adorable 9 year old, Renalde, with her father. She had her leg amputated below the knee after the earthquake. She's one of the people who we'll help get a good fitting prosthesis as soon as the equipment for our Limb and Brace Center gets unpacked from customs. She is pure light and joy and has a way of making the most serious person burst into a radiant smile. Even with her stump, she couldn't stop dancing and singing.