International Development

February 18, 2013

Low cost, high expectations

In session at a BRAC Primary School in the Korail slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Photo: Oscar Abello/BRAC) The conditions into which a child is born affects not only her future opportunity, but also her position in society. Poverty itself can limit society's expectations of the child’s ability to perform well in school, constantly reminding her of the miniscule chance she has to overcome adversity and poverty.
April 13, 2011

Former BRAC USA Staff Member Shares her Passion

Shatterbox, a video-based social community for students and young professionals to find inspiration and share ideas about innovative careers, profiled former BRAC USA staff person, Rachael Chong. In her interview, Rachael discusses how her passion for international development led her to leave her comfortable life in the private sector to pursue opportunities in international development. Her passion for social good led her to BRAC USA and eventually inspired her to found her own company, Catchafire, which is dedicated to matching non-profits with skilled volunteers.