income generation

December 21, 2010

Realizing Potential: Ulfat’s story

Ulfat was just starting to feel the ground beneath her feet when, last July, life dealt Ulfat another hard blow. Born in the Nowshera district in the Kyber-Phaktunwa province, Ulfat was married off at 22, and divorced a year later because she did not produce a child within the first year of marriage. Upon her return to her father's house, Ulfat was determined not to let her circumstances get the better off her. She started helping her father by taking care of the family buffalo and selling the milk. To generate some additional income, Ulfat also started a small tailoring business from home.
November 4, 2010

Microfinance Impact and Innovation Conference: Targeting the Ultra Poor

A couple of weeks ago, BRAC USA President & CEO Susan Davis moderated a panel of researchers and practitioners providing resources to the "ultra poor" - women who are too poor to be able to take advantage of microfinance loans - at the Microfinance Impact and Innovation Conference.