February 17, 2016

Primary schools in Bangladesh to go digital, reaching 20 million students

The Bangladesh Prime Minister this week launched the latest addition to the country’s digital curriculum to reach 20 million primary school students, continuing to revolutionise one of the most under-resourced education systems in South Asia.
April 2, 2013

Frugal Innovation Forum Day 2: Ambition without borders

A week before the Frugal Innovation Forum, I came across the Ted Talk by Dan Palotta that criticized development for rewarding frugality (i.e. low rates of overhead) instead of ambition and big ideas. This is one reason why, in his opinion, progress has been slow to find solutions to address social issues.
February 20, 2012

Human Rights and Technology: Using ICT for Justice Delivery

It is a distinct pleasure to be hosting and organizing the first ever seminar on Human Rights and Technology in Bangladesh[1]. BRAC’s Human Rights and Legal Aid Services Programme, the world’s largest NGO led legal aid programme, has sought a unique way to commemorate its 25th anniversary of operations. We have aimed to bring together two worlds that are not automatically thought of on the same wavelength, and yet have a lot to contribute to each others’ objectives. It is an honour to provide, through this Seminar, a meeting ground between the world of human rights, social justice and community empowerment and the world of tech