February 17, 2011

Climate Change – a Glimpse of the Future

Below is a post from Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice and a member of the BRAC USA Advisory Council. Mary Robinson recently visited BRAC's programs in Bangladesh. This post was originally published on the Huffington Post on February 15.
February 8, 2011

Carnegie Council interviews BRAC USA’s Susan Davis on business solutions to ending poverty

Recently, the Carnegie Council's Carnegie Ethics studio editor, Julia Taylor Kennedy, interviewed BRAC USA President & CEO, Susan Davis, as part of a series on global business ethics. Davis and Kennedy discussed how BRAC got its start, how BRAC addresses the ultra-poor through microfinance, and the evolving relationship between corporations and nonprofit organizations. In the interview, Davis mentions how BRAC measures success in alleviating poverty in terms of empowering individuals. She notes, "Although there is no magic bullet, social entrepreneurship unlocks everybody's ability to be a change maker and to participate in the solutions to their own problems."The full transcript of this revealing and informative conversation is available on the Carnegie Council website here. Audio of the interview is also available here.
December 29, 2010

Changing lives in Afghanistan and around the world

I want to share with you an article published by Reuters yesterday about Afghanistan. Unlike most of the news I've read about Afghanistan lately, this story has a message of hope - of positive change that is happening right now - and how BRAC is a part of it:
November 30, 2010

James and Maya, Ages 4 and 2, Raise Money for Haiti’s Children

Last week, BRAC USA received a letter and a donation from James, age 4, for children in Haiti. James dictated this letter to his mother, and in the letter he explains to the children of Haiti, "There is some money coming. I am sending this because I know you don't have money to buy food and things to drink."
August 24, 2010

What is a Social Entrepreneur? Interview with BRAC USA President & CEO Susan Davis

Below is an interview with BRAC USA President & CEO Susan Davis and some of the folks at Is taking action unique to Millenials? Is volunteering a trend that will die out? We sat down with Susan Davis, President & CEO of BRAC USA, a branch of an international organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor. She's also the co-author of Social Entrepreneurship, a book that encourages young people to be...well, social entrepreneurs. Here's what Susan had to tell us
August 19, 2010

Pakistan under water, people suffering and need your help now

The following pictures were taken by a BRAC Relief Coordinator traveling to flood affected communities to assess damage and further relief efforts.  You can see the tremendous need, BRAC USA has raised almost $400,000 to date, but much more is required as soon as possible.  Please spread the word and urge your friends and family to give generously.
June 22, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship Book Release!

"Order this book and read it immediately...This book gives you some great ways to understand and apply the whole idea of entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship." --Tom Suddes, The Suddes Group,
June 16, 2010

BRAC USA intern Sun Woo Koo writes his story

My name is Sun Woo Koo, and I am a foreign student who recently graduated from NYU Stern School of Business undergraduate program. I majored in Finance and Economics. My story that leads to BRAC starts from the 2 years I took off from my college education to serve in the army of the Republic of Korea. This break helped me stop flowing reluctantly into the path where everyone seems to go and revaluate my purpose in life. One day in the base, I realized that what I really want to do is to solve problems of the world with colleagues who are forerunners of innovation and creativity. This initial dream led me to the concept of “Social Enterprise” which soon narrowed into the concept of “Microfinance” which is a perfect fit to both my specialty and passion. After the discharge and during the first class back in NYU, I had chance to hear from Susan Davis and about her life in BRAC. I felt all the puzzles coming into the exact spot and I started to see a glimpse of my future.
June 11, 2010

Tanvi Vattikuti: BRAC USA Intern

My name is Tanvi Vattikuti and I am thrilled to join the BRAC USA team as an intern in the Summer 2010. As an individual who is deeply passionate about effecting social and economic change in impoverished and underprivileged populations, I find BRAC to be an inspiring organization.
April 10, 2009

Katherine Rosenberg, Intern at BRAC USA

As a master’s student at Columbia’s school of Public Health, I have become familiar with BRAC’s international work in the public health arena and beyond. Their name has echoed through the halls of Mailman as an exemplary organization committed to sustainable development in some of the world’s poorest locations.While I am currently involved in coordinating a number of research studies, I began to crave direct involvement with international development.