November 8, 2010

Uganda’s Finance Minister Commends BRAC’s Work

“BRAC has set up a global record for establishing world class development programs. They are very successful in microfinance and they are considered to be one of the most successful organisations globally,” Minister Bhumba said during her visit.
July 22, 2010

BRAC and the Economics of Microfinance

“ … perhaps the most fully realized “integrated” provider, offering financial services along with schools, legal training, productive inputs, and help with marketing and business planning. If you are in Dhaka these days, for example, you can buy Aarong brand chocolate milk, which is produced by a BRAC dairy marketing affiliate. A different BRAC subsidiary produces Aarong brand textiles made by poor weavers, and still another subsidiary runs craft shops that sell the goods of microfinance clients.”
April 7, 2009

BRAC Sierra Leone Operational

Led by Country Representative Shah Alam (front right) and Tapon Kumar Das (front left), BRAC Sierra Leone has now set up 10 microfinance branches and launched its health, agriculture and livestock programs. I visited the branches in Waterloo and Lunsar on a recent trip. The challenges are enormous in this post-conflict country of roughly 6 million people but the BRAC team is highly motivated to make a difference. A handful of Bangladeshi staff are now working with over 60 staff recruited from Sierra Leone.
March 31, 2009

BRAC’s programs get started in Sierra Leone

Pictured in front of the branch office is the Branch Manager, Isatu Mabel Kanu (center) and two of her colleagues newly hired as Credit Officers, Melvina (tallest) and Aida (in pink t-shirt)