Reflections on paternity leave on Father’s Day

June 16, 2019
June 16, 2019

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This Father’s Day, we want to honour and thank fathers from all over the world for their active contributions in the lives of their children.

Fathers are our confidants, role-models, and above all, they – along with our mothers – are our first teachers. Their love and care play a meaningful role at every stage of our lives.

From the moment a child is born, the care of both of the parents is important for the child’s development and growth. Sharing parenting responsibilities brings the father closer to his child and partner – in turn, the child grows up in a loving environment where parents work as a team. A baby learns to absorb information about their surroundings through responsive interaction with their parents. A father plays a big role here; his active engagement with the baby – through nurture and play – has positive effects on the baby’s development and cognitive ability.

Understanding the importance of fathers’ presence during the early days of infants’ lives, BRAC has introduced a new paternity leave policy for its male employees. It allows them to take paid paternity leave for one month, which can be availed within six months (from the date of delivery or from the date of adoption of the child).

Now, fathers do not have to miss out on the precious early moments with their children. They can be there – by their partners’ side – to witness and share the first smiles of their children.


Rifat Islam Esha is the deputy manager at the leadership communication and employee engagement unit of BRAC Communications.
Marcia Amin is the communication executive at the leadership communication and employee engagement unit of BRAC Communications.

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