Nadia Afrin Shams

October 26, 2014

Letting girls grow up to be who they want to be

According to UNICEF, Bangladesh ranks second in terms of under 18 marriages in the world. Child marriage has become a crisis due to its pervasiveness. The problem seems to be more acute in rural areas (71 per cent) compared to urban areas (51 per cent). Illiterate women are more vulnerable than those who completed a secondary or higher secondary education. Those employed are also less likely to fall victim than woman without a job. Thus child marriage can impact the achievement of almost every single millennium development goal. It even has a direct impact on GDP, as child marriage forces girls to drop out of school and lose any opportunity to contribute to the national economy.
October 2, 2014

A cause worth fighting for

According to a WHO global status report, more than 1.24 million deaths occur globally, every year because of road accidents. It has been identified as the eighth leading cause of death. However, road accidents are more  common  in low and middle-income countries.