Md Faqrul Islam

Md Faqrul Islam is working as Manager, Capacity Development and Planning at BRAC Education Programme. With a Master's degree in Development Studies from Dhaka University and an MEd from BRAC University, Faqrul started his career as a Fellow in Teach for Bangladesh, working in an underprivileged Govt. primary school. He later worked with Save the Children's Numeracy Boost program. In BRAC, he has worked on projects on out-of-school children, digital literacy & online safety, and capacity development for non-formal primary and pre-primary school teachers. His expertise lies in basic numeracy and literacy, curriculum, teacher's training, and ed-tech.

October 6, 2021

Amidst almost-empty classrooms in many schools, others have 90% of their students back. What’s their secret?

Schools have finally reopened in Bangladesh, after 18 long months. Many schools are reporting lower student numbers, particularly of girl students. A school in Kurigram reported that just one girl student had returned to her class - the rest had been married during school closures. BRAC’s schools, where students often have the least internet access and support at home, and where teachers stayed in constant communication through phones, home visits and home-based projects, paint a different picture.