July 5, 2012

National helpline centre for violence against women and children in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Directorate of Women's Affairs has launched a 24-hour call centre open to all victims or potential victims (women, men, children) of violence. The helpline provides immediate service to victims and links up to relevant agencies: doctors, counselors, lawyers, DNA experts, police officers etc.
July 3, 2012

The story of the flood, its people and BRAC- BRAC’s programmes reaches out to the flood affected regions in Bangladesh

The pervasive torrential rains in the Bandarban, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, Chittagong, & Feni district of Bangladesh have left a significant number of people homeless and distressed in the past one week. Roads and railways communication network are left in devastating conditions which has made any kind of aid or assistance impossible to reach. Under such circumstances, BRAC’s Disaster, Management and Climate Change (DMCC) programme has geared up to challenge the extremes and reach out to those in dire need.
June 28, 2012

Journey through the grassroots: Inspiration from rural Bangladesh

It was the year 2010. I had been working with the BRAC community empowerment programme for only six months back then, when I embarked upon a trip up at North Bengal, exploring BRAC’s community based grassroots forums of poor women, called Polli Shomaj.
June 26, 2012

Safety net for the poor: BRAC Bangladesh – part 1

Syed Hashemi, head of the BRAC Development Institute at BRAC University, talks about BRAC's "safety net for the poor" - the ultra poor program - on the Microsave podcast. Check out the video below.
June 21, 2012

A league of extraordinary women

Yesterday, in honor of BRAC's work with women all over the world, BRAC USA president and CEO Susan Davis was listed in Fast Company's League of Extraordinary Women. The award focuses on BRAC's partnership with the MasterCard Foundation in Uganda.
June 19, 2012

Is BRAC the first international NGO from the South?

This article was originally posted by Duncan Green in the From Poverty to Power BlogThinking Big, Going Global is a new IDS working paper on what is arguably the first fully fledged international NGO from the South. Since 2002, BRAC, a Bangladeshi NGO
June 19, 2012

Court declaration in favor of slum dwellers

The eviction of thousands of slum dwellers of Korail slum in the recent past has been one of the most controversial acts of eviction in the Dhaka City. Several humanitarian and development organisations, along with BRAC, stood their ground against this coldhearted act, which, despite being legal and seemingly the ‘right thing’ from the authority’s view point, was utterly inhumane.
June 13, 2012

Hope in the middle of complexity: Working with the urban poor

During the Social Innovation Lab’s last field trip to Hazaribag – a very poor area on the edge of West Dhaka– the team met Feroz (on the far left of the picture, wearing an orange lungi) a rickshaw-puller in his early thirties.His wife and three children are still in their home district of Rongpur.
June 4, 2012

Education – the most critical element to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty

This post was written by Francisco M. Varela, Undersecretary, Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines, after his visit to Bangladesh for the launching of BRAC's education programme in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
May 24, 2012

Frontier workers of BRAC’s essential health program

With democracy comes freedom entailing the power and right to equality, legality, mobility, and essentially to live a healthy life. In the western part, one does not have to think twice about their ability to endeavor in good health. However, in other parts of the world including Bangladesh, citizens from the rural areas
May 24, 2012

BRAC markets solar lights to illuminate thousands of lives!

BRAC's agriculture and food security programme has taken the initiative to launch D.light Design’s solar products in Bangladesh, aiming to provide power sources for the marginalised people who do not have access to the national power grid.
May 23, 2012

Managing change in the Bangladesh water sector: experiences and challenges

Change is inevitable; rather it is a much needed process for the benefit and progress of any organization. With such intentions of change Dr. Jaap M. De Heer, VU University Amsterdam, presented his study on the various aspects of an organization which, when integrated together, initiate a wholesome change process.