Skills Training for Advancing Resources

December 1, 2017
BLOG Youth

How to increase the world’s GDP by 7%: Employ people with disabilities

Mixed in with the excited chatter of school children and the clanging of passing rickshaws on the roads of Old Dhaka is the melodious whirring of Shormila and Shipra’s sewing machines. The sisters are both partially deaf. They can barely hear the magic that they weave.
March 8, 2016
The skilled girl effect
BLOG Youth

The skilled girl effect: Worth more than the US and Chinese economies put together

A computer whirs to life in a small shop in Bangladesh’s chaotic capital Dhaka. Outside rickshaw drivers bargain for fares and street sellers call out the day’s fish prices. The phone rings. Hasna Hena, 15, takes the call in one hand, her other flying over the track pad to open Photoshop. It’s another new client needing a poster design.