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March 1971: “I want to help young Bangladeshis with vision for the future”

The month of March remains as a reminder of courage.

A Bangladeshi NGO’s herculean response to a humanitarian crisis

The Government of Bangladesh has opened its doors to close to half a million people from the Rakhine state of Myanmar in the last four weeks. Now comes the difficult part — managing the crisis inside Bangladesh.

A pioneer in public health policy wins US Medical Award of Excellence

Dr Mushtaque Chowdhury, our vice chairperson and advisor to the chairperson and founder of BRAC, was honoured with the Medical Award of Excellence on 11 November.

The 202 billion dollars we cannot see

80 per cent of all vision impairment can be cured or prevented. Often it just takes the simplest solution– a single pair of eye glasses.

Is IT innovation in education oversold?

Innovation and technology are seen as the solutions to the educational deprivation of millions of children in the developing world. How does the technology-based model of innovation relate to the real world of learners, teachers, schools, families and the communities that we live in?

Reimagining slums: Innovative solutions to Bangladesh’s urban housing dilemma

Dhaka has a migrant population the size of El Salvador, but it is 80 times smaller. Every year, 500,000 people move to the city in search of economic opportunities and a stable life.