Female Drivers Seeking Employment

October 29, 2012 by

25 female graduates from the first two batches of BRAC Driving School are now officially available to be hired as chauffeurs. These drivers, who have received extensive training on driving by BRAC Driving School supported by BRTA, have gone through full time, residential, two months long theoretical and practical training of International Standard. The drivers, having BRTA issued Professional Driving License complete with police verification of character and background, are not only capable of understanding communicative English, but are also responsible, patient and well mannered. 

BRAC Driving School is an initiative of BRAC’s Road Safety Programme as a feasible measure to tackle the alarming increase of road fatalities over the years. A survey conducted on existing driving training schools in the private sector revealed that the quality of the training, the instructors, and the training aids used, are below acceptable standard and that only 58 out of some 350 schools have approval from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). BRAC engaged the services of Hubert Ebner, a driver training and road safety organisation with 30 years of experience in Europe and Asia, to prepare training materials and to conduct the training of driving trainers recruited by them.

Click here to view a list of the names and contacts of these skilled and certified drivers.

Anyone from the Government, semi government, foreign embassies, corporate houses, development agencies, NGOs and people who are interested to employ well-trained and reliable female drivers are requested to contact:

BRAC Road Safety Programme
Tel. 9881265; Ext. 3116, 3117
Mob. 01713016258, 01714091367, 01730351050
email: roadsafety@brac.net, debashish.s@brac.net, mhassan_brac@yahoo.com