Shalighor Polli Shomaj Pre-Primary School, A Light for the Future

April 19, 2012 by

The government run pre-primary schools at Shalighor Village have limited capacity for talented students. Also there is no BRAC school in the locality. It is very difficult for poor families to enroll their children to school here. Hence, this leads to learning problems and drop outs. In 2011, to tackle this problem, community women’s forum called Polli Shomaj, convened by BRAC Community Empowerment Programme, collectively mobilized and opened the “Shalighor Polli Shomaj Pre-Primary School,” a home school in Shalighor village in Gouripor, Mymensingh.The school currently has 40 students: 21 girls and 19 boys. The students are about five years old and they are taught by their teacher, Helena, who is the secretary of the Polli Shomaj in that village. She started teaching there on a volunteer basis and now receives an honorarium of 350 taka per month. The class lasts one hour, from 10 am to 11 am everyday with lessons in Bangla, English and Mathematics. The children’s parents pay 1 taka per day per child. The income received by the school is used to pay the teacher, the classroom rental, and to buy books and stationary in the school. Currently, the classes are held in the outside portico of a local neighbor’s house. The Polli Shomaj members want to move the class to a better location and class room in the future with a better school environment. The Polli Shomaj members and the community people share that they hope to see their children do well in the primary school, and pursue higher education and have a good career and thus better life. Recently, 12 of the students from this school: 5 girls and 7 boys have enrolled in the government primary school in their locality. Nadira Calevro Intern BRAC Community Empowerment Programme