Realizing the Potential of South Sudan: I want to be a doctor

January 11, 2011 by

BRAC provides second chance primary education for children between the ages of 8 to 12, who have either dropped out or never been to school. About 4200 children attend one of BRAC’s 140 schools across four state.Children like nine year old Chol Makuek, a student at the school in Cuei Atem Village, Bor. “I’d like to be a leader in the world. I want to learn what I don’t know. I like science because I learn about keeping my body clean. I want to be a doctor.”

Or like 14 year old Foni Mary Justin (picture on the left) who is an orphan in Juba who never went to school. Foni is in Primary 2 now at Munuki school. “I like English and math.”Or like her classmate 10 year old Rose Yoture who lost her parents during the war and is being raised by her grandmother. “I never went to school before. When I was admitted, I got books and a pen for writing. I like mathematics and English. Social studies and science are more difficult. I want to go to University and become a teacher.”

Photo credits: BRAC, Lorne Mallin, Shehzhad Noorani